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Exhibited with:
Ben Brown Fine Arts
Gallery Jeeum
Young Soy Gallery
G.A.S. Shenzhen
Soho House

Tyler Jackson Pritchard(formerly known as KRÜTZ SīVÆL) is a multidisciplinary artist focused in painting, photography and sculpture. The central intention of his paintings are to bypass representation and get straight to the emotional, symbolic, and hidden qualities that lay behind his subjects. His work gives form to the communion of our inner and outer landscapes. Showing not just what something looks like but also how it feels, smells, sounds, behaves and effects us resulting in images that appear as though epiphanies resurrected from a dream.

Jackson's paintings teem with a raw yet reserved energy. His diversity of subject matter, genres, and techniques parallels the numerous and complex subjects he explores. There is an underlying theme of juxtaposition throughout his work, blending and unifying seemingly opposing forces such as order and chaos, spiritual and material, raw and refined. He uses his most recognizable motif of a single continuously intersecting line as a visual language, expressing a full range of tonality and emotion.

He was born and spent his early life in America and later moved to Asia where he thoroughly immersed himself into the culture. This is why we see a blend of East and West in his concepts, style, technique and use of materials.

Around the same time as he moved to Asia, he embarked on an ongoing project of photographing secret and dangerous religious ceremonies across the world on 120mm and 35mm film (titled Holy Violence). These experiences of seeing things like animal sacrifices, human possession, self mutilation and miracles performed, are what shaped the intensity we see in his paintings and the deep and profound meanings they hold.