Tyler Jackson Pritchard: Coincidence of Opposites
Sponsored By Ichu
3/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Central [Directions]
Opening Reception June 24th | 7pm - Late

‘Coincidence of Opposites’ explores the underlying unity of dualities, more specifically the fertile friction between chaos and order. On one side of the collection we witness very structured opp-art that, while minimal at first glance, seems to generate a reverberating hypnotic effect upon continued observation. This is then counterbalanced with the diversely layered, emotionally charged chaotic strokes typically associated with Jackson’s work.

In pieces such as “The Mysterious Stranger” and “I Am The Grave” Jackson coalesces these two extremes in a vibrant harmony alluding to how opposites manifest mutually in experience. The body of work seems to whisper “this arises, that becomes,” a nod to the Buddhist doctrine of dependent origination or Pratītyasamutpāda.

What you can expect from the opening reception:

- A compelling performance by Sarah Xiao & Sylvie Cox,
- Music from Maximus MMC & Tedman Lee
- Exclusive cocktails inspired by the paintings
- More surpises you'll have to show up to see...

* First 20 people will be entered to win an free piece of art *